Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Environment Friendly or Innovative and Practical?

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Definitely it saves a lot on gas. If everyone drives less and start biking more, then we are helping to fight global warming.

The production processes might not be too environmental friendly, from productions to painting and all others may not be too practical or environmentally clean.

However, the design is innovative, clever ! A very smart way to promote health, efficient design. 1 pedaler, 2 benefits from the rides.

Design aspect seems tacky and we have a mental image or visual of thinking " what a huge disgusting contraption, where do we store it? where do we park it? how difficult is it to manoeuvre." Just thinking of it as 1 and a half bike is better than 2 bikes. One gets tired of pedaling, someone else will step in and take turns.

In the manufacturing standpoint, I think its very efficient.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Watch HDTV on the go on your laptop

Digital TV are currently broadcasting. It will be until 2009 when everyone can not use regular analog signal. The standard signals in the US will be digital. There are usb devices like this that enable every laptops and desktops and even MAC products to view HDTV.

There will be programmings that are broadcasting in digital format but not High Definition.

Knowing that you have one of these usb adapter attach to your laptop or any pc within certain (system spec. requirements) of course; you'll have the power to move about and enjoy your television shows,news,sports,soaps,kids cartoons on the go.

Imagine taking to your local coffee shop, enjoy a coffee..forget the papers and open up your laptop and watch your news in the morning. I used mine for watching my shows; The Family Guys, The Office, Smallville and a few others when I am not at home.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ready for HDTV in 2009?

These two I bought for myself. One to use on the old TV and one I connected to the desktop to watch my daily news.

ATSC is our America's Digital Signals vs the outdated and soon to be replaced over the older Analog signals.

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